Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The end of summer came too soon

Summer is usually nice and quiet, but we had so much work to do this summer, that it really flew by. My office is in the old library, which is kind of neat. Have not seen or heard any ghosts yet. I got done about 2/3 of the projects I had planned, which is about average for me. Always reaching for the stars.

Another shot. Our front "lawn" is the nicest on this side of the Thames River, and you can see Long Island Sound. UCONN Avery Point on the other side of the river has us beat on looks though, they ARE on the Sound. My back is to the lawn, which holds three soccer fields. Looks like a giant lawn, not like an athletic center, so it's real pretty.

Decided to sell the old Whaler, and put it in tip top shape, burning up a few days of vacation time. Never had it looking this nice when I used it for myself! Even put the rail on that my wife always begged for, man, did I feel guilty about that! Sold it to the girl across the street, so I still get to pump it out when it rains.

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