Thursday, December 21, 2006

Skeleton Woman in North Carolina

Had a nice experience today. I take care, as a volunteer, of the WCNI internet streaming.

WCNI is our college-sponsored FM radio station. My email address is on the streaming web page, so folks can contact me directly if there are problems. I received this in the early afternoon: "Hello I am writing to inform you that I can't get your station. It says it isn't found....Hope you get it fixed soon was hoping to hear the great Global Village with the Skeleton Woman."

For some reason, not being too familiar with the WCNI programming, I thought the listener was referring to a little known punk band. There were clients receiving the stream fine, so I figured the problem was the client's computer. After several emails back and forth (almost had a chat room going), we got it fixed, and she was a happy listener.

I then got interested in who the heck "Global Village with the Skeleton Woman" was. Was this a musical mashup of the revamped Village People with a skinny female lead? I went to the WCNI schedule, and saw how wrong I was!

Global Village is the name of the show: "All the music of the world-plus bagpipes!", and Skeleton Woman is the DJ. The show is on Thursdays from 3 to 6 pm. I must say the music was great, most with a Holiday Season spin, but with a "world" of variety. So, I have to thank the listener for turning me on to Skeleton Woman's show.

I then noticed that there were four of five clients with the same IP listening to WCNI. When we get more than one from the same IP it generally means they are behind the same VLAN, which could be physically spread out over a large area. I looked up the IP on GeoBytes. Turns out the main location for this IP is Shelby, North Carolina.

So, it looks like Skeleton Woman has a faithful following in North Carolina. Hurray for the Internet, which has made this possible. For a little while, I felt close to the now happy unknown listener that emailed me, as we enjoyed the same music. And no, the Internet was not invented by Al Gore, in spite of what he has said.


Moxythecat said...

Thanks for keeping the stream going.

Can't wait til the board is done and you're up on the air again.

I am one of the Skeleton Woman's fans in NC (you might say her original fan), but I'm not the one who emailed you.

Did you know she's been on the air with this name for over 15 years?

WCNI is an awesome station and it's all thanks to volunteers like you!

Frank Fulchiero said...

Hi moxythecat, nice name!
Thanks for the thanks. I have to admit I have been in the WCNI studio only once, and I walk by it almost every day. Embarassing, huh!
I take care of the college's streaming server, so it was not much more work adding a few more streams, and it's for a worthwhile cause. There are people that volunteer a lot harder than I do.

Best thing about WCNI is that if the music is not to somebody's taste, come back a little later and it will be totally different.

Thanks for the historical tidbit on her name. I would ask how she got it, but I'm afraid to, so I won't!

NC sounds like a nice state with friendly people.